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The Government of United Arab Emirates does not recommend COP 28 participant to apply for tourist visa, instead and as mentioned on the COP28 UAE Website, Visa Application Guide and FAQ; downloadable from Blue Zone: Plan Your Visit - COP28 UAE.
“It is mandatory for all foreign UNFCCC-registered participants entering the UAE to apply for the COP28 UAE Visa, prior to arrival, using the visa application link within the UNFCCC registration confirmation email.”
The COP28 UAE Visa comes with specific privileges, immunities and facilities that are granted to COP28 participants and therefore persons that are coming to the UAE for COP28 should apply for this specific visa.
Should the guest decide not to benefit from the COP28 UAE Visa and associated privileges, they can arrive to the United Arab Emirates using their existing visa and regular border control procedures will apply.”

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a Party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We take part in the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change every year.
The COP28 will be in United Arabe Emirats, in Dubai.
Obtaining accreditation from the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to take part in official events or missions implies compliance with certain well-defined conditions. These conditions guarantee both the effectiveness of institutional representation and compliance with administrative and logistical requirements.
It is important to note that balanced and diversified representation is an essential component of these accreditation criteria. Youth participation and equitable gender representation are not only encouraged, but also necessary to reflect the diversity of Congolese society and ensure inclusive perspectives in deliberations and discussions at official events and missions. This approach ensures that the voices of younger generations and different groups in society are taken into account in the decisions and actions undertaken by the DRC government.
To obtain this accreditation for Cop28, a number of essential criteria must be met. These include the need for each institution to nominate a maximum of three delegates, all of whom must hold a passport valid for more than six months. In addition, full preparation of the trip requires coverage of all associated costs, including a round-trip ticket, hotel booking confirmation, travel insurance and an official mission order.
We would like to express our gratitude for your understanding and cooperation in complying with these accreditation criteria established by the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These conditions are designed to ensure responsible participation and balanced, effective representation at official events and missions, while meeting the requirements and guaranteeing compliance with the administrative and logistical standards of the United Nations Framework Convention.
We wish to emphasize that, given the nature of the events and missions, not all accreditation requests can be accepted due to capacity limitations and other logistical constraints. However, we would like to reiterate that we value everyone's participation and commitment. For those unable to attend physically, it will be possible to apply to follow events online, to enable remote participation and ongoing involvement.
Once again, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Your commitment to balanced representation and diversity is essential to strengthening dialogue and action towards a more inclusive and sustainable future for the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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To apply for accreditation click here

Bâtonnets secs

For visa assistance, click here

For reservation hotel assistance, click here

For travel insurance assistance, Click here

For air ticket assistance

Résumé du bâtiment en verre

The DRC will have a stand at COP 28

Any institution wishing to make a presentation at the DRC stand,

please register by clicking here.

Dear National Focal Point,
Dear Sir/Madam,


The secretariat is pleased to update you on various logistical arrangements for COP 28 as follows:



The UAE has published detailed information on transportation to the venue, including the metro, shuttle busses, taxi and e-hail, parking availability, and rental cars, accessible here. A detailed transport guide can be accessed here. The UNFCCC secretariat has also updated its Information for Participants accordingly.


Food and Beverages outlets


Please also familiarize yourself with the information published in the Information for Participants and the UAE COP 28 webpage.


Distribution Counter


The “COP 28 Welcome Gift (Water bottle and Metro Card)’’ will be available at the Distribution counter as of 11:00 am on 25 November. 

The Distribution counter is located in the “Service Hub South”, area B4, along Al Wasl Avenue.


UNFCCC Service Hub open hours:

  • Friday, 24 November to Wednesday, 29 November: 09:00 – 17:00 hrs

  • Thursday, 30 November to Tuesday, 12 December: 08:00 – 18:00 hrs


(except Thursday, 7 December – when the conference premises are closed)


This message is being shared with Chairs and Coordinators in the UNFCCC negotiations process.


Highest considerations.

External Relations
Intergovernmental Support and Collective Progress Division

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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has a code of conduct for its events. 
Knowing this code of conduct will help you better comply with UNFCCC rules. 

Lumière sur un mur en béton

African Climate Summit

The First 
African Climate Summit (AEC) in Nairobi, Kenya September 4 to 6, 2023. 

African Heads of State and Government, we have come together

 in the presence of other 
world leaders, intergovernmental organizations, regional economic communities 
agencies, the private sector and civil society organizations, 
local communities, farmers' organizations, children, youth, women and academics. 
children, youth, women and academics

Africa Climate Week

This year's Africa Climate Week took place from 4-8 September 2023 in Nairobi, hosted by the government of Kenya.The Week considered four major systems-based tracks with a view to providing region-focused contributions to inform the global stocktake:      

  • Energy systems and industry

  • Cities, urban and rural settlements, infrastructure and transport

  • Land, ocean, food and water

  • Societies, health, livelihoods, and economies

The Conferance of Youth

The Conference of Youth (COY) is the most important annual event of YOUNGGO and is rooted in a long history. It serves as a gathering of members of the constituency and youth interested in the work of YOUNGO. It is usually organised in the same city as the COP and takes place the days  preceding the COP.


For this year, we'll have the16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) .

Usefull Links

Directory of some Organizations Based in Kinshasa, DRC, Involved in the Fight Against Climate Change

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